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12 July 2020 

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Billington Export Ltd are one of the largest tube and valve dealers in Europe, holding 1 million valves stored at two sites totalling 11,000 sq. ft. We are a helpful and reliable supplier, established for almost 40 years.

We are mostly a wholesaler. Our minimum retail order is usually 50GBP. Our minimum wholesale order is 240GBP. For retail or wholesale, please email or phone us with orders and questions, etc.

The PDF WHOLESALE catalogue is the main way we do business. It's not perfect, but is 90% accurate.

Download the WHOLESALE catalogue HERE

This website is a useful guide to see the sort of stock we sometimes hold, including some photos and data. Please don't rely on quantities mentioned in the retail section of the website. Instead please refer to the wholesale PDF catalogue.

We will answer all price/ availability queries, promptly, if you CONTACT us.

If the item you need is not listed on the website, please CONTACT us.

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