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30 November 2021 

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Electronic tubes and valves ordering  information Ordering information

The Website is a useful guide, but quantities available are often out of date.

The PDF WHOLESALE catalogue is more accurate. Download the WHOLESALE catalogue HERE

Orders under GBP240 must add 50% to the wholesale prices in the PDF catalogue mentioned above.

We are a helpful, honest supplier, established for over 30 years.

We will contact you long before your order is shipped, if prices, availability etc, have changed.

We will answer all price/ availability queries, promptly, if you CONTACT us.

If the item you need is not listed on the website, please CONTACT us.

Minimum order value

Our usual minimum order is £50.00 plus VAT plus post.

If you need to place an order worth less than £50.00, please contact us. At our discretion, we try to accommodate requests for orders under £50.00, but over £20 plus VAT plus post, providing:

  • the order request is completed in no more than two SHORT phone calls or emails
  • the order isn't complicated in terms of testing, or other finishing
  • delivery can be accepted to be up to 7 days (ie not urgent).


Orders over £50.00 welcome and detailed testing etc can be arranged.

Orders, between £20 and £50.00. Please contact us, we try to accept orders between £20 and £50.00 as long as they're quick and simple (refer to the red print above).

The above figures are in GB pounds sterling. During the last few years, 1 GBP has been equivalent to very approximate USD1.5. Rate changes daily, today's rate is HERE

Click here to use a currency converter.

Postage and packaging

Within the UK:
£5.00 minimum postage and packaging is charged at cost, most postal packets are sent recorded delivery. We will be pleased to provide a quotation on receipt of your final order requirements.

£10.00 for 24 hour courier service if required.

Outside the UK (Export):
£10.00 minimum postage and packaging is charged at cost, we will be pleased to provide a quotation on receipt of your final order requirements.

Courier service is available if required. We will be pleased to provide a quotation for express or expedited services on receipt of your final order requirements.


Please allow 7 days from receipt of your order, for despatch. We need this time to collect goods from our other premises and arrange testing, etc. Please allow for any delays by post, customs, etc. Despatch is usually quicker than 7 days and we will try to help if you have urgent requirements.

Reserved orders

We do not usually “reserve” goods. Our policy is that reservation of stock is done on a case-by-case basis depending on the client business history and the type of valve concerned.

For clients who have paid thousands of pounds (GBP) in the past, we sometimes reserve goods for a maximum of 6 weeks.

After 6 weeks we will write and expect your confirmation of order and payment or shipping instructions within two weeks. Failing this, your goods may be returned to stock and offered for sale elsewhere.

Product photographs and descriptions / LIBRARY PHOTOS

The product photographs on this website are only examples of our stock: e.g. a photo may show a product with the RCA logo printed in red, but you might receive the product with the RCA logo printed in black or white.Please enquire if you need specific information about exact appearance of tubes and valves.

Please note that an absence of a photo does NOT mean lack of stock.

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