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30 November 2021 

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S11E12 tube (Special Quality Beam Tetrode valve)

S11E12 tube (Special Quality Beam Tetrode valve) Manufactured by STC

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General Information

S11E12 STC new with blue print and box S11E12 new printed in white, showing front and rear views


The S11E12 is a special quality beam tetrode intended for use as a series or shunt control valve in stabilised power supply units and has similar characteristics (within ratings) to the 12E1. It is indirectly heated and should be parallel connected to the supply. A special shock resistant construction is employed which gives increased reliability and life expectancy.


Heater Voltage                                                       6.3           V              Vh

Heater Current                                                      1.6           A             Ih

Maximum Anode Voltage                          800       V          Va(max

Maximum Screen grid voltage                    300       V          Vg2(max)

Maximum Control Grid Voltage                 -100      V          Vg1(max)

Maximum Voltage between Grids 1&2         400       V          Vg1-g2(max)

Mutual conductance                                 13.5      mA/V    gm        *

Inner µ                                                  5.5                    µg1-g2   *

Maximum Anode Dissipation                     28         W         Pa(max)

Maximum Screen Dissipation                     5          W         Pg2(max)

Maximum Cathode Current                       300       mA       Ik(max)

Maximum Heater to Cathode Voltage         350       V          Vh-k(max)

(DC Heater negative)

Maximum Heater to Cathode Voltage         150       V          Vh-k(max)

(DC Heater positive)

Maximum Resistance Grid1 to Cathode       100,000 Ω          Rg1-k(max)

                        Fixed Bias

Maximum Resistance Grid 1 to Cathode      1          MΩ       Rg1-k(max)

                        -Cathode Follower

Maximum Acceleration                             2          g

(Continuous Operation)

Maximum Shock                                      500       g

(Short Duration)

Maximum Peak Anode Voltage                   1,500    V          Va(pk)max†

* Measured at Va=Vg2=150V; Ia=200mA; Ig2=12mA; Vg1= - 8.5V.

† For duty cycle of 1/25 and maximum pulse duration 200µ seconds

All Maximum ratings are Absolute Values not Design Centres.


Anode/Grid1                                          1.8        ca-g1

Grid1/Earth                                            19.5      c in

Anode/Earth                                           16.5      c out

“Earth” denotes the remaining earthly potential electrodes, heater and shields connected to cathode


Maximum overall length                                        98                     mm

Maximum seated height                                        83                     mm

Maximum diameter                                              44                     mm

Base                                                                  B8G

Net weight                                                         71                     g

Mounting Position – Vertical. If run horizontally then it is recommended that the axis AB be on a vertical plane

Diagram showing


Pin 1                 Internal Connection         IC

Pin 2                 Heater                           h

Pin 3                 Anode                           a

Pin 4                 Grid 2                           g2

Pin 5                 Grid1                            g1

Pin 6                 Beam Plates                    bp

Pin 7                 Heater                           h

Pin 8                 Cathode                         k

Note. – Pins 6 and 8 should be connected at the valve holder

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Diagram 1 showing average charactersistic curves of S11E12
Diagram 2 showing average charactersistic curves of S11E12

Diagram 3 showing average charactersistic curves of S11E12

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Diagram 4 showing average charactersistic curves of S11E12




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