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30 November 2021 

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EF95/6AK5/5654 Miniature Pentode

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General Information

The EF95/6AK5/CK5654/ 5654 is a heater cathode sharp cut off r.f. pentode capable of operation up to 400mc for use H.F. amplifiers and in low power applications at high or ultra high frequency. It is designed for dependable operation under shock vibration conditions.


Cathode Oxide coated unipotential  
Heater Voltage 6.3 V  
Heater current 75 mA  

Typical Operating Conditions

Class A1 Amplifier      
Anode Voltage 120 180 V
Grid 2 Voltage 120 120 V
Cathode Bias Resistor 200 200 Ω
Anode Current 7.5 7.7 mA
Grid 2 Current 2.5 2.4 mA
Transconductance 5.0 5.1 mA/V
Anode Resistance 300,000 500,000 Ω
Internal Resistance 34,000 69,000 Ω

(Fixed bias is not recommended for this valve)

Maximum Ratings

Maximum anode voltage Vao 300 V
  Va 180 V
Maximum  Anode Dissipation Wa 1.7 W
Maximum Grid 2 Voltage Vg2o 300 V
  Vg2 140  
Maximum Grid 2 Dissipation Wg2 0.5 W
Maximum Grid 2 Supply voltage      180 V
Maximum Positive Control Grid Voltage   1.0 V
Maximum Cathode Current Ik 18 mA
Maximum Cathode to Heater Voltage Vkf 90 V

Inter-electrode Capacitances

  With screen Without screen  
Grid to anode 0.2 0.3 pF
Input 4.0 4.0 pF
Output 2.8 2.1 pF


Maximum overall height 45mm
Maximum seated height 38mm
Maximum diameter 19mm

Mounting Position - Any

EF95/6AK5/5654 Miniature Pentode mounting position diagram

BASE - British 4 pin


Pin 1          Grid 1
Pin 2          Cathode. Grid 3
Pin 3          Heaters
Pin 4          Heaters
Pin 5          Anode
Pin 6          Grid 2
Pin 7          Cathode. Grid 3

EF95/6AK5/5654 Miniature Pentode Average Plate Characteristics Diagramme
EF95/6AK5/5654 Miniature Pentode Average Characteristics Diagramme

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