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30 November 2021 

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6CH6 tube (electron valve miniature output pentode)

6CH6 tube (electron valve miniature output pentode) Manufactured by Brimar and STC

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Photo of a 6CH6 manufactured by Brimar

6CH6 manufactured by Brimar

Photo of a 6CH6 manufactured by STC

6CH6 manufactured by STC

The Brimar type 6CH6 is a miniature high slope pentode. Its high anode dissipation and current rating make it suitable for working into loads of low impedance and self capacity.

6CH6 is a commercial equivalent of the CV4055


Heater Voltage                                                  6.3                   V

Heater current                                                 0.75                 A

Anode Voltage                                                  275                  V max

Screen (g2) Voltage                                           275                  V max

Anode dissipation                                             12                    W max

Screen dissipation                                             2.5                   W max

D.C. Cathode Current                                     60                    mA max

Max. Peak Cathode Current (Absolute)                        1.5                   A max *

Max. Control Grid Circuit Resisitance              0.1                   MΩ †

* The duration of circuit flow must not exceed 2µ sec. and must not be greater than 5% of the duty cycle.

† this value may be increased to 220,000Ω if autobias is employed.


Anode Voltage                                                  250                  V

Anode Current                                                            40                    mA

Screen Voltage                                                  250                  V

Screen Current                                                            6                      mA

Control Grid Voltage (Vg1)                               -4.5                  V

Mutual Conductance                                        11                    mA/V

Anode Impedance                                            50,000             Ω

Inner Amplification factor (Ca, g1)                    26


Input (C in)                                                      14                    pF

Output (C out)                                                            5                      pF

Grid to Anode (Ca, g1)                                     0.25                pF

** No external shield

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Chart showing 6CH6 voltage and current

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