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30 November 2021 

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Type 6AS7 (G/GA) Low MU High Power Triode

12E1 tube (electron valve/beam tetrode) Manufactured by Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd

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General Information

The 6AS7 (G/GA) is a low mu, high transconductance, high current twin triode designed for use as efficient series regulators in DC power supplies, low distortion audio frequency power amps and high frequency audio circuits. The suffix G/GA relates to the style and glass body size only.

Characteristics and Typical Operation

Cathode  Oxide coated unipotential
Heater Voltage 6.3 V
Heater current 2.5 A
Cathode heater warming time 30 seconds
Anode Voltage 135 V
Anode Current   125 Ma
Anode resistance 280 Ω
Cathode Bias resistor 250 Ω
Amplification factor  2.0  
Transconductance 7000 µS

AF Power Amplifier

DC Anode voltage 250 V
Grid control Voltag -150 V
DC Cathode current 130 mA
Anode resistance 280 Ω
Anode dissipation 13 W
Transconductance 5500 µS
Glass Temperature 250° C

Inter-Electrode Capacitances (Pf)

Grid to Anode 7.5 pF
Grid to Grid 0.5 pF
Anode to Anode 1.9 pF
Input – per triode unit 6.5 pF
Output – per triode unit 2.2 pF
Heater to Cathode – per triode unit 7.0 pF


Maximum overall length 140mm
Maximum diameter 52mm

Mounting Position Any

The valve may be run horizontally, then the grid plane must be vertical.

6AS7 (G/GA) mounting position diagram

BASE -8 pin Octal

TOP CAP - American Miniature CT1


Pin 1          Grid 2 )
Pin 2          Anode 2 ) Triode unit 2
Pin 3          Cathode 2 )

Pin 4          Grid 1 )
Pin 5          Anode 1 ) Triode unit 1
Pin6          Cathode 1 )

Pin 7          Heater
Pin 8          Heater

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6AS7 (G/GA) average Transfer Characteristics (per section)
AS7 (G/GA) average anode characteristics (per section)

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