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30 November 2021 

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Advance Electron Tube Data Sheet

Western Electric 416A Electron Tube

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Technical Diagrams of Western Electric 416A Electron Tube
The 416A is a disc-seal planar type triode designed for use as an amplifier or frequency multiplyer at frequencies in the order of 4000 megacycles.


Maximum Ratings, Absolute Values
Plate Voltage 250 volts
Grid Voltage +1.0 volt
Plate Current 33 milliamperes
Grid Current 10 milliamperes
Plate Dissipation 7.5 watts
Plate Seal Temperature 125° Centigrade
Grid Seal Temperature 100° Centigrade
Heater-Cathode Voltage 45 volts

General Characteristics

Electrical Data
Heater Voltage 6.3 volts
Heater Current 1.5 amperes
Amplification Factor 300
Transconductance (1b = 30ma) 50000 micromhos


Direct Interelectrode Capacitances
Grid to Plate 1.25
Grid to Shell* 7.5
Plate to Shell 0095
Cathode to Shell 42.5
*Cathode connected to shell through cathode to shell capacitance


Mechanical Data
Cathode Unipotential
Mounting Position Any
Weight, Approximate 1 ounce


Typical Operating Conditions And Characteristics
Plate Voltage 200 volts
Plate Current 30 milliamperes
Plate Dissipation 6 watts
Cathode Bias Resistor 250 ohms
Grid Supply Voltage 8 volts
Frequency 4000 megacycles
Gain (50 Milliwatts Output) 9 decibels
Gain (500 Milliwatts Output) 3 decibels
Band Width (3 db Down) 100 megacycles

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