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30 November 2021 

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310A tube (electron valve/pentode)

310A tube (electron valve/pentode) Manufactured by Western Electric, Russia and other places

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General Information

The 310A is an indirectly heated cathode type pentode having a separate suppressor grid connection. It is intended for use in audio, carrier and radio frequency voltage amplifiers, oscillators and modulators.


Heater Voltage                                                    10                     V

Anode current                                                   5.5                    mA

Transconductance                                               1820                 Ω

Eb = 180V; Ec2 = 130V;
Ecl = -3V; Ec3 = 0


Heater Voltage                                                    10                     V

Heater current                                                    320                   Ma<

Direct Interelectrode Capacitances             without external shield     with external shield

                                                                                                             (RETMA #311)

Grid to plate (maximum)                          0.016                *0.010µµf

Input : gl to (h+k+g2+g3+i.s.)                    6.0                    *7.0µµf

Output : p to (h+k+g2+g3+i.s.)                  13                     *13µµf

* with external shield (RETMA #311) connected to cathode pin.


Cathode                                                 Coated unipotential

Bulb                                                                  ST12

Base                                                                  Small 6-pin

Mounting Position                                                Any

Maximum overall length                                        124.6                mm

Maximum seated height                                        108.7                mm

Maximum diameter                                              40                     mm

Net weight                                                         22                     g


Anode Voltage                                                    250                   V

Screen Grid Voltage                                             180                   V

Anode Dissipation                                               2                      W

Screen Grid Dissipation                                        0.4                    W

Cathode Current                                                 10                     mA

Heater Cathode Voltage                                       150                   V


Heater Voltage                                                       10            10            10            V             

Anode Voltage                                        135       180       250       V

Screen grid voltage                                  135       135       135       V         

Control Grid Voltage                               -3         -3         -3         V

Suppressor Grid Voltage                           0          0          0          V

Anode Current                                       5.4        5.5        5.6        mA

Screen Grid Current                                1.2        1.18      1.17      mA

Peak A-F Signal Voltage                            3.0        1.5        2.1        V

Anode Resistance                                    0.75      0.9        1.15      MΩ

Transconductance                                   1800     1820     1840µΩ 


Load resistance                                       20,000   10,000   100,000 Ω

Power Output                                         250       150       310       mW     

Total Harmonic Distortion                        8.5        6          6          %

Total Grid Voltage, approx, for

10µA Anode Current                               -9.5       -9.5       -9.5       V

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Photo of 310A manufactured by Western Electric
Diagram showing 310A control grid voltage
Diagram showing 310A plate voltage
Diagram showing 310A plate voltage and other technical information

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